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Kitesurfing Lessons are the quickest way to learn how to surf. The thought of just jumping in the ocean without any instruction is risky. Surfing is not the easiest sport to learn since many of the techniques used are not obvious. Surf Lessons can really accelerate the learning experience and enjoyment of the sport.

Hi, I'm Peter Smith. I founded kite surfing Phuket karon beach Training after teaching over 100 people in the New York area (from Long Beach to Montauk, East Hampton and Sagaponack) how to ride waves and enjoy the surfing experience.

I believe in teaching the full surfing experience: not just catching and standing up on a wave, you learn ocean safety, surfing etiquette and some ocean knowledge that is a critical aspect of surfing.

My students come from all walks of life and span ages from as young as 10 years old to 60 years of age. Surfing really isn't about age, its about the love of the ocean and a desire to experience the thrill of riding a wave.

I have come to know that the thrill of riding that first wave stays with everyone who has ever ridden a wave. I truly enjoy sharing that experience with my students.

I look forward to meeting you!

- Peter


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